Takeouts from Modi-ji's Personal Life | Akshay Kumar's Interview with PM Narendra Modi


Takeouts from Modi-Ji's Personal Life | Akshay Kumar's Interview with PM Narendra Modi


Today was different since in between this election season came something which might sound as a breath of fresh air.

Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar meets Our beloved Prime Minister and it was not about politics and was about his personal life.

Below are the few take-outs from the interview.

When Akshay Kumar asked him does he eat Mangoes?

Modi-Ji replied, 'He does love Mangoes and Aam-rass' 

He even told that he is strick.

Akshay asked him, 'How do you manage anger?'

Modi-Ji replied, 'He writes down the whole incident which is troubling him and then torn the paper.' he even added, 'I do it till the time I don't get over it. Sometimes I understand in end it was my fault.'

Modi-Ji does not carry mobiles phone to any meeting since he wants to give importance to the other person. 

When asked about does he has friends in opposition?

Modi-Ji surprised many as he revealed that Mamata Didi every year send Kurta's to him along with sweets 1-2 times in a year. Every year.

His first bank account?

Well, Dena Bank was the bank which had his first bank account.

Many of you would not know but Modi-Ji gave 21 lakhs out of his CM salary to the girls of his staff [Made FD in their name]

In the interview, you would end find finding that Modi-Ji has a great sense of humor. 

Akshay asked him, 'What will you seek if you get the Aladdin’s magic lamp?'

He replies will show he is more of work than luck, 'I will ask Gennie to fill a thought in every mind to stop telling the Aladdin story and ask the next generation to work hard.'

Well, sleep is an important concept but Modi-Ji only sleeps 3.5 hours every day. He even told that his good friend ex-President Obama has asked him to get good sleep. 

Well, he concluded the sleep topic saying that when he will retire, he will work on how to increase sleep timing. 

The few important things we get to know about his personal life are,

1] Modi-Ji does not take sugar in tea.

2] He used to wash his own cloth until the time he became the Chief Minister of Gujrat.

3] His mother still give him money whenever he visits her.

You can watch the whole interview here,