Book Review: The Full Circle by Namrata Gupta

Ayushi A Nair

Book Title: The Full Circle 
Author: Namrata Gupta
Format: Paper Back
Total Number of Pages: 136
Language: English
Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Publishing Date: 10 July 2018
ISBN-10: 9387022285
ISBN-13: 978-9387022287

“The Mirage was broken. What she knew as the truth turned into a fiction to beguile her, the person she had been living with for so many years turned into someone she never knew until then” Being a traveler, Aditya always took something from the places he visited and this somehow helped him give something to his next destination, which is now Darjeeling. His life revolves around meeting locals, exploring the world and helping people in any way possible.

Aditya meets his contrast in Zinnia, who prefers stability in life, while staying as a tenant in her mother’s house. With his empathy and understanding nature, he wins the hearts of the locals. His adventurous way of living life is challenged when he develops strong feelings for Zinnia, who considers his way of life as a prolonged hobby. 

While helping Jacqueline, an emotionally distraught girl, into shaping her life in a new way, he realizes he feels lost, for the first time in his life, without Zinnia. He stumbles upon a devastating secret about Zinnia’s past that will change her life completely, something he can’t let go of.

My Take

Starting from the cover of the book is an image of a man exploring the nature beauty with a travel bag and a sketchy image of women in the sky. The title ‘The Circle’ is different and makes readers curious to read the book to know what the author meant by the title in the book. After reading the book I feel title couldn’t be more perfect according to the plot and the cover is very attractive and awe-inspiring. 

This is the story of Aditiya a traveler who loves exploring places, meeting different peoples and knowing about their culture helping them in his own way and never sticks at a place for a long time and keeps collecting souvenirs from each place he visits and each collection reminds him a unique story of the place. So his next visit to Darjeeling where everything changed when he meets Zinna there. Zinnia hates travelers for reason unknown and a perfect daughter to her mother but something between mother and daughter relationship was not going well. Later Zinna and Aditiya became friends and their friendship blossoms into love. Now Aditiya had to go to Sikkim to help Jacqueline to recover from her depression and move on in life as per Mr.Johns request.

Will Aditiya and Zinna meet again?

What was the Zinna past which she was not even aware of?

To know more what happens next read the book.

The book is a bag of emotions, romance, mystery, thriller, suspense, traveling, care, revenge, betrayal, family drama, adventure, friendship and many more.

The language of the book is simple and lucid easy to understand for any kind of readers. Author has amazing storytelling skills which hooked me till the last page.

The plot is basically simple, but what makes it beautiful and unique is the way it is written and how well the feelings of each character is narrated.  The pace of the story is slow in the beginning.

Characterization was done brilliantly with emotional attachment with protagonists. Exemplary narration with various twists and turns throughout the book keeps readers busy in turning over the pages. I loved the climax of the story it was unpredictable and the story ended so fast that I want to read more about them.

As the author points it right in the foreword that in a busy schedule one has nowadays it is hard to find time during the day to read a book. It is then when a quick and refreshing read. Looking forward to read more books by the author.

Overall, an engaging short and quick read. I’ll recommend the book to all romantic and travel readers. 

Overall Ratings 4/5 Star

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About the Author

Namrata Gupta has a master’s degree in management from LBSIM, Delhi. A literature graduate from Hans Raj College, her debut novel, A Silent Promise (2015), won many hearts. She writes content for websites and blogs regularly and wants to make an immutable influence on the minds of the readers through her writing. She loves traveling and exploring new things.

You can stalk at her @ Instagram