Kvndm Priyanka

Towards dream as high as sky
With the hope as a key
Keeping worries away
Heading towards to achieve anyway

Leading journey with a desire
With bravery as fire
Struggling day and night to aspire
Heading towards to be a qualifier

Surrounded with the words of critic
With the achievement as spirit
Bounding without limit
Heading towards to win my merit

Coming out the hell
Trying to make the problems heal
Using all my skill
Heading towards to my zeal

Without adherence
Learning from past experience
Striving with Coherence
Heading towards to achieve excellence

Fears surrounded as dark
Without loosing any spark
Finding new means to embark
Heading towards to create a mark

Crossing every threat
With the consistent effort
Avoiding all the shortcut
Heading towards to my achievement

With the invisible Violence
Fighting in the silence
With Courage as a voice
Heading towards to let my success magnificence

With this constant battle
Equipping to struggle
Moving with effort double
Heading towards to solve life's puzzle