Perception matters

Kvndm Priyanka

We enter into that phase of life..
Where our entire life seems to be blur..
Where we loose the hope of moving ahead..
Where we think of giving up..
Where we think no one is true..
Where we find no one to rely upon..
Where we fight with depression..
Where we find no purpose of existence..
Where When You Fight with You n Found Real You..
You find a new world..
You find new ways to explore life..
You may find people didn't leave you in the darkness , but are giving freedom to let you find you..
You may find that though you didn't rely your loved ones , they rely upon you..
You find purpose of existence is to find a purpose to existence.. 

Never give up.. !
Be a Warrior of your life..!
Everything depends on how you see..!
Life is all about perception..!