screaming silence

Kvndm Priyanka

Night with Thoughts
Surrounded with Darkness
Nothing visible around
Nothing hidden within

The treasured pain 
The paused tears 
The roaring Silence 
The Alarming Worries

Self screamed at once
In the Silence again
Speaking out agony
To confront the soul

Yet Soul is Crying
Tears are flooding
Nothing visible around
Nothing hidden within

Though Know to many
Yet known to none
The pity struggle
Feeling pity at self

The complex battle of self
Fought against the self
No one sees it
Yet Everyone judges it

Past revolving before eyes
Present Questioning self
Future Confused with the self
Darkness becoming transparent

Screams of the broken heart
Fierceness of the Confusions
Unavoidable helplessness
Increasing the intensity of pain

Slowly the sunshine intruded
Resulting in invisible tears
The Chaos dispersed 
Fake Smile awaken

Compromised self 
Silently fighting battle 
Leading the days 
Rewinding the nights 

Pretending nothing happened
Faking everything fine
The same artificial life 
The same adjusted soul

With a Hope for miracle
Fighting the Worst
Inspite of loosen confidence
Inspiring the shattered souls