Questions (of existence)

Sahil Singh

Truth comes always near the fake thoughts.

The moon is moving above, beneath the movement of clouds creating an illusion. And so is my conscience, under the affect of weed down my throat building new senses. A bright night is always of more wonder and thoughtful than the days. ..As the harder truths are always black.

To find something, you need to search it in the dark. Tonight I thought to find the conscience. Not mine! Not yours! Not anyone else’!   I’m talking about the conscience of The Thing. It could be anything to everything and everywhere.

From history to mystery everything rolled to me at once. This feeling is extreme. For a mere start, everything present (and pseudo-present) is a QUESTION.

As our human race has already discussed a lot on WHAT it is, I would raise the question WHY!??

Why is everything? Why is this earth? Why is that moon watching over me revolving around?      Why do we live? Why we die? Why we can’t really feel birth and death? Why is it so...? Why this everything is created and working at all?

Now this raises much more questions.

There is not only our race present. More than millions and billions of species of plants, animals, insects, unicellular, and everything are present all around. It’s not just here... We are not even sure. Are we the only living planet in this universe or is ours is the only universe. What this all means and what it tend to? WE KNOW NOTHING.

Just a moment of time one is alive, full of thoughts and memories... and the next minute if he dies...bussshh! Everything is gone. How? Where? Why?                                   We know energy can neither be created, nor be destroyed. The living body parts its share to the environment after death. But what happens to all those memories inside that merry brain. What happens to that conscience?     Can it be retreated? Can it be understood?


We know nothing about the conscience before birth and after life. But it still creates a familiar anxiety among everyone for that final truth, Enlightenment.

Buddha found it with the true knowledge of death. But what if Death is NOT the final truth.

What if anything got to leave and live afterlife? What if the senses are transferred to some parallel universe running in some different time with different dimensions?

It seems like everything is just like a mere machine. But then Who is there controlling us. Who gives us the time and place? Who provides this all energy of life in this or other universe?

This again brought us to the epic debate on GOD and SCIENCE. Who really gives us our Conscience?

Whoever it is, what are his conditions and intentions? Why are we supposed to do anything?

How this world works? Why we love and hate? Who and What is sitting there making us just a medium to create and finish newer and newer consciences?

It’s my thought that TIME, above all the known things present, is most precious for every matter (and let say anti-matter). But how that time itself gets created and distributed everywhere to everyone.

Is this Samay itself the controller of everything or it too gets some energy through something?

Is time the final truth??  May be.

Everywhere, there are just questions.  And No one has answer. I can just hope, if Einstein should have lived now.

Scratch your head and ask your twisted conscience to think once a day about all these truth and reality (or the unreal). It took years of point meditation to learn that truth to our so said God men. Perhaps we can learn even a little of that part.

Nothing just happens in this humungous universe and there can be more universes.  Quoting from Murphy’s Law—Anything that can happen, will happen for sure… matter how.

So folks... Probabilities are waiting!!