New Year Morning


New Year's Morning ....
She woke up, took her phone and still while being inside the warm quilt, dialed a number that wasn't saved with any name.
The caller tune on the other side played, 'Bholi si surat, aankhon me masti door khadi sharmaaye ...' and she laughed at it.
In the meantime, the call was received and there came a sleepy voice, 'Hello.....'
She didn't speak anything. 
The voice again said, 'Hello....'
And now she answered, 'Hmm ... Hello'
That sleepy voice said, 'Good Morning!'
She too said, 'Good Morning', in a very low voice.
That voice further said, 'Happy New Year!'
And she replied, 'Same to you...'
and then both became silent. A deep silence... it seemed as if that sleepy voice had slept ...
Then she called, 'Helllllloooooo ....'
The voice came, 'Hmmmm .... Say ..'
She said, 'Nothing.... and everything's fine?'
The answer came, 'Hmm ...fine... what about you?'
She said, 'Yeahh, all well .... Now go and sleep, you were sleeping na..'
'Hmmmm ...'
'Yes, so go and sleep...bye!'
And she was happy to have her wish fulfilled, that is, to hear the first Good Morning of this new year in the most loved unique voice of her brother.