Being Writer ..!!


As a writer, many times I come across a common question from people that how could you write? What makes you to write? And the simple answer from me comes... 'Feelings'... I write what I feel ...but to present it in that way definitely requires some creative talents that are many times god gifted....nd practice makes it to nourish. Then again I come across an expanded form of the question that how could you write so deeply on love or more precisely to say how could you write romantic quotes? Hahaha!! I am laughing because many times people mistook my quotes relating to love with a different meaning. I am not saying that they aren't love quotes... they're... but the love is of a different kind from what people commonly think. Most of them hold my love for my brother ...and many times my quotes for him are mistaken with the other kind of love. And that's because of the artistic ways in which I usually write. And those few quotes which are genuinely romantic... it's because I can feel that one too... and to the question how could you get to feel that? Is there someone?