My mother bleeds in pain and shame!!!


I dedicate this piece of write-up to the mother Earth and the piece of land I live in. I am an #indian a proud one!!! After a long time, I couldn't wait to write.

I am here out to search for some solace, I ended up finding this!

I went up to the jewel of the crown seeking some place for me to rest, she said I am just a beauty in captive. 
I came to the loveliest of places and she outrightly rejected me because she said that my sons are being questioned for their valor.
I came down a further down to listen to my heart-beat without any annoyance, she said that I can't stay there in "Nirbhaya"
I felt sorry and just went a little ahead to relax with a cup of tea but, I was immediately shown the door. She pleaded that I go back else, I would be bombed and injured.
I looked around everywhere and I thought the tip was quite peaceful until got to know that she was struggling and being used by two men at the same time.
Further down, I heard a painful story of how language divided her from the others.
I bade a bye and just traveled ahead to only realize that, she was divided in the name of intelligence and she has no place for someone like me who wants peace. 
I went everywhere else but only to be saddened. I was once sold away to someone without my consent, I remained quiet!
My heart aches and body pains because there are so many experiments conducted on me without my approbation.I remained silent and contained it all.
I never asked anyone to tear me apart, I was beaten black and blue before I was shattered mentally and physically.
I treat everyone as my children but, why am I being imprisoned.
Why are you so selfish? Why are you so ruthless!
Your mother now bleeds and it is unstoppable! 
In the name of violence, LOCs, borders, politics, nuclear weapons and greed you are only going far away from me every single moment.
Learn your lesson now and the day I retaliate, I shall consume each one of you, with or without power; I AM THE CREATOR AND I AM THE DESTRUCTOR. 
#Motherearth #India #saynotoviolence #saynotohatred