Tree of Relationship :- a poem

Sanjay Darbar

Human heart is like alive land, in it Different types of seeds exists! Seeds of relationship! When two eyes meet , or when comes, Under the convenient climate, that seeds, Becomes prompt to be raised. Air, water, light are form of visits. Seeds, Seems to grow up in the heart-land. Trust, loyalty, love irrigate them, and We see a plant of relationship! Under the green house effect of selfless - Hard work, plant develop and roots becomes Strong enough. Barrage like prudence and mercy protect From outer problems and plant convert Into tree. Tree of relationship! It brings rain of compassion. We get it Sweet results. We get it cool shade of, Warmth from each other. But, There's axe like selfishness, disloyalty, obduracy, Ambition, race and jealousy. If these axe, Cut the tree, land of heart will becomes desolate. Loneliness, sadness, pain, frustration like - Barbed wire herb will grow up in it. Save the tree of relationship. Save the happiness.