Things you wish to change in your INDIA

Simply Nupur I

Hi friends,
As a proud Indian, I believe its my moral duty to make my country the heaven on the earth. Highly thankful to our respected PM Mr Modi for Swatch Bharat Abhiyan and respected Delhi CM for initiatives to reduce pollution.
I request every one whether Indian or any one who has visited India to leave a comment what fascinates them in India the most and what they wish to change themselves.Let government do there own work. Let us discuss and suggest the solutions which we ncan follow.
My comments: 
Positive: I love when we unite together and cheer our team and sportsperson.
Concern: Not all sports person enjoy same fame as cricketers do.
Reason: Other sports are not encouraged by parent and school level.
Suggestion: Every school should make sports as a compulsory subject and each student should opt for one game.
Pls don't invoke any political debate