Grant This Civil Yankee To Doodle Till He Gets Blue In The Face -

matthew scott harris

prompted me to seek out physician named Pink Floyd,
who harkens the heralds angels singing from the docks 
informing this herbivore not to be concerned resembling blue Phlox,
which Union hued melanin apropos for occasion, where blocks
of unionized Confederate Civil War reenactors check their clocks 
at opportune moment emulate surrendering soldiers climbing over rocks,
this pseudo sortie presented by "FAKE" fighters experience knees knocks
blowing red balloons signaling approaching 154th year since Appomattox.

(Alternately titled always look on the bright side of Brian's life)
Armageddon would welcome reprieve be morbid yet amazingly apt
concluding (reign of Homo Sapiens), which unfortunate would hapt
tubby unfortunate atomic generated event, where other innocent
organisms get lapped
up, nonetheless morbidly fascinating to this CRISPR mapped

out genetically immune to radioactive fallout,
albeit simultaneously catastrophic boon

dog gull to accompany
(this incognito sans, spacesuit attired as bugs bunny
foolish faux rabbit, yup you reddit right
with netzero outlook) amidst others eyed hop along
(like Cassidy) to find amidst rubble strewn cocoon,
or perchance an arrid extra dry
armed hammer hotmail spelling
unrelenting deadly mushroom cloud
blown humongous earthlinked dune
daffy duck dynasty Don trumpeting a brave (though
extremely foolish soul) weathering
fierce-some dust bowl app
pear ring like a ghoulish goon
vis a vis via global sandman
disallowing any inhabitant to be immune
whereat winter days would mimic (nee far exceed)
those analogous to tropical June
day where nary species of flora nor fauna,
which latter muffled cry viz Clair De Lune
barely heard above blindingly pitched
(scoring major lunar home run) when earth's moon
appeared to be batted, snatched, and whacked -
piñata like casting darkness at high noon
this out of other worldly debacle - 
essentially transforming planet 
Earth into shriveled dried prune

(viz: a scene of apocalyptic, cosmic and epic rune
from twilight zone re: 
outer limits offsetting sole millennial Gaia satellite 
believed rigged forever) 
which end of planetary status quo came soon
nor than expected, accompanied
by Gustav Holst eponymous tune
once Luna rung seismically,
titanic ally uprooted, violently wrenched
prior to crash landing at ground zero
rocked and rolled out of orbitz
before careering, and screaming
thru the atmosphere analogous a full term baby
in utero yanked (keyed) out of womb.

Though the above dynamic
gigantic jack-knifed nihilistic quantum
spectacular universal wreckage
sans the inner sphere of solar system
(known to mankind, 
when said creature, an outlier)
whence even amidst the early
bipedal hominids didst throve a sage
no event (whether natural
or caused by human error),
would compare neither cap cha,
when are bit rage
emasculated, and wrought
onto once verdant terrestrial firmament
no way to measure nor gauge
the depth, length, scope of total
value eradicating any trace
of simian equipage
reducing arrogant, conceited,
egomaniacal dotage boot far-fetched 
science fiction phenomena would
witness civilization captive
in their own technological cage.