Get to know from mine face whether i am happy or sad. Get to know before anything good or bad happened to me. When i cry become reason for mine happiness. keep praying about me and bless me when i do something wrong. keep giving me chances to correct myself. Take care when nobody there with me. Never let me know about the haddles she had to face in her life ??? mine growth. Listen to me when nobody even cares to listen. Never differentiate between her child. Keep me like a shinning star and diamond. Caring like a doctor during emergency. Keep holding mine hand all the time. Her eyes like a brighting sun keep giving me light all the time. Her voice real blissing for me. Her knowledge is always more than me, experience which can't be explain in words only can be feel and seen. I feel peace in her arms. Stand by mine side always try to put curtain to hide mine mistakes in front of others. It's honour to have mothers in the world that has no words to explain her importance . Accept the way we are.. Her beauty like a princesses,face like a gold become durga to save her child when someone attack on them. Act like umbrella during rain and doctor during emergency. Do everything but without wanting the result big hearted. Can take any role depending on the situation keep the universe united.