Share every good or bad things of life.

Know better than others from inside sweethearted. Loving and caring before herself. Sometime shouts but for my benefit. Makes me happy when I am sad by remembering me of childhood memories. Spend quality time to know what is going in my life. Whether I am facing any problem or not. 

Relationship like a queen and crown. If I am queen she is crown which beautify me. If I am pen she is paper on which I have to write.

Love but sometimes don't show. Hears everything like a good listener.

In cool act like shield in the form of blanket and in summer blossoming flower to shine my face everyday.

Act according to the situation like a sister, mother, good friend etc.

When I start falling from the mountain she hold me and provide me strength motivational force. When I am emotional she take a stand to stop me from crying and support how to come out of situation.

When I need a best friend she is always there with me.

Face like an angle.

Eyes like an shinning star.

Understanding like an teacher.

Solution for every problem.

Bring mine train to track.

Talented as an actor.

Extraordinary as an person.

Rising me as an star.