What beauty real mean to us? It has different mean for all of us? Depending on our choices and experiences of the life. But according to me beauty not only mean the outer beauty of the face, but  the inner beauty also. Beauty can be seen in our work, beauty of nature, beauty of surrounding environment the people we meet in our day to day life.

Beauty lies in everything but it's us who need to stop for a while  and experience it by our way of seen. Beauty can also be seen in the black people, lower caste people and poor people as they have very well experience of life even our previous generation and elder ones.

Beauty should lie in our way of thinking and way of speaking. The way of our good  speaking to everyone create a beauty and impression in other person mind and how we help them and think about them. 

God have show beauty through the nature. And shown it's need and importance to each one of us. Beauty means having the positive quality in us. We can seen beauty even in a small kid,child and elder ones. But firstly we need change the meaning of beauty for us.

According to architect's 

Beauty lies in the building details. The true use of materials. The more details we use in building it get more beautify.

According to engineer's

Building is beautiful if it's structure is stable even after drastic climatic conditions also take place.

Even different profession have different meaning for it. But what normal human being who are uneducated?

Beauty lies everywhere in our surrounding whether it is in birds, animals, flowers etc.

But I think really beauty lies inside ourselves our way of behaviour and reaction towards everything in the whole universe.