Different people have different personality. What personality really means? Personality is the how the other person think about us.

Personality depends on many factors

The way we behave with others it leads to create personality of us in others mind. Personality is positive quality of every person.

It includes the moral values we are having and how we implement in front of the others.

It involves the putting ourselves in the difficult situation to helps the other person becoming selfless.

Personality depends in our unique qualities and how other person think about it.

Person personality depend on the particular situation and how we react in that in front of other person.

It is easily to find the mistakes in the other person but difficult to change ourselves.

Firstly there is need to change ourselves and way of our thoughts.

Taking everything as a positive thoughts even when anyone don't anything about us then also.

There might be some part in us which needs the improvement.

If we wear the best band high rated clothes it also make our personality in others mind.

Represent our family background and  we are educated.

But our values and manner in way we represent a different personality in front of other.

If an uneducated person represent same manners and values then I think they are more educated then us.

And while educated person sometimes forget about these values.

I think the clothes we wear the class we have should matter less as compared to values.

If educated person who is earning money can't they donate small amount of  it to the needy people handicapped one??

If they does it will convert into the large amount as person are blessing for them their growth.

We don't know who's blessing can be complete and a good luck for us.

Might be if we help the handicapped people's they can help us in the future.

We don't knows who's need we can have in the future.