Gf Bf?


It's not bad to be in relationship and being someone's BF or GF, not at all! 
But it's just bad when you are not committed ! 

One more moot topic.. 
We all think about this thing.. Don't we?  We even sometimes feel that our parents are not understanding us as they did never feel such emotions, such love.. Right? 

But I want to say that not every time they are because nowadays relationship doesn't last longer than 6 months.. We too have met so many people who might have a girlfriend/boyfriend and then.. When you meet the same person after few months(or may be days) you will see another new face as his/her  girlfriend/ just that? Is it so easy to break a relationship? 

I believe sometimes there may be reasons for breaking it.. But how many times? How many times you fall in love with a guy/girl after falling in love with someone else..? I mean how? 

You can be in relationship only when you respect each-other.only when love each other. And be with each other come hell or high water..and as I said it's not bad at all to be called a BF or GF......
Only when you are committed..!! 

That's all..