My brother

Yashi mahendra

My bhaiya These are the golden moments of my life, Enjoying with my siblings at all times, Cutting cakes without a knife, Gulping and spreading while drinking limes, Angry family members my brother deals, Dancing in the rain with full enthusiasm, Fever afterwards the medicines heal, And then we visit those wheat farms, Among them all my brother is love the most, he is the strongest of them all, But never boasts, And picks me up whenever I fall, Cares me a lot and too loves me... And talks me a lot whenever is free, Hehe makes me sleep and discusses all my pains, Love you bhaiya till it rains, Till the time the mountains are here on the Earth, And seas flow with the human birth, Bhaiya I love you for all you do, And never expect anything, Except the love given by you, I expect nothing..... -Yashi mahendra