Nature the wonder

Yashi mahendra

NATURE– THE WONDER…. The world is full of beauties and bounties Did you ever try to feel that The sea is blue and the forests are green Did you ever try to feel that The the sky is wide and the water so clean Did you ever feel that elation Nature the wonder is a beautiful teacher Did you ever try to learn something A teacher a guide a mother a pride Did you ever try to love it Simple answer some of us did Not all feel elated in the laps of nature Not all fell relaxed in the gown of stars When nature’s a mother Its also a destroyer The floods the traumas The tsunamis the stroms Are the shadow of nature’s dark side When we all fell elated by the nature so good We feel the desolation in nature’s pride We feel sad when we lose our loved ones We should respect nature The mother The teacher The guide And the pride………. YASHI MAHENDRA