5 life skills to help you succeed like never before !

Aritra Das Sarma

Want to know the formula to success ? No mumbo jumbo...just go through the article minutely and apply the formula in your life...you never know..you might really be successful! We all know Success brings you mental Peace and peaceful mind is likely to be more successful...but now I tell you the formula to Success is P.E.A.C.E ! 1) P - Perseverance : A lot of people do what it needs to be successful. They get up early in the morning. They exercise ,they are punctual...they really strive to achieve their goals...but what they miss out is on Perseverance. Unless you have that patience to cling to your targets and let Universe manifest your dreams at the right time,you can't be successful. Its important to trust the Universe and keep striving for your goals in the meantime. And sooner or later , my friend Success shall be yours! 2)E- Excellence The legendary movie 3 Idiots has actually unwrapped the best formula of Success to us. Its a no brainer. Excellence is definitely the chief ingredient in our super Success Soup . But Excellence does not come alone from hard work .To be excellent we just need to be excellent! There's no other way! For that we might need to choose a work for which we have a natural flair. And a lot of focus is primary to become excellent in our respective fields. Without paying enough attention to our work,we can not be excellent at it. 3)A - Assertiveness : But is excellence enough to be successful in life ? Not all professions thrive on just excellence. Businessmen and industrialists need to deal with stubborn clients , Managers and Executives need to negotiate with their subordinates...in those cases skills of persuassion are must. And to be persuassive you need to be assertive. Persuading others is not always about manipulating...sometimes you need to clearly state your needs in front of the other person. But Assertiveness and Aggressiveness are not the same.When you are aggressive,you are there to attack the other person with your views and decisions but if you be assertive ,you are only straightforwardly putting your point across the table. So its a significant part of being a successful person. 4)C- Courage Well though ,C for Courage is the most important factor...but C for Creativity,Consistency and Confidence are equally important. Many might be thinking but everyone is not born Creative. Creativity always does not mean generating new ideas ,just the desire to bring something innovative to the table is also creative. Consistency is another key factor. Because to be no. 1 is not that hard but to maintain being no.1 was really so. Confidence and Courage are quiet similar to each other. However with Courage everything else falls into place. Courageous people are automatically confident and even Fortune favours the brave 5)E : Emotional Intelligence Well the last E is the most valuable component. Often we tend to ignore the state of our emotions . To be successful we need to be happy motivated and blissful. If we are jealous of other's success we can't be successful. If we feel lonely or depressed for no particular reason...even if we are the most successful person we would feel unsuccessful. Therefore its important from a young age we teach our future generations how to develop a heathy state of emotions...because a high IQ might bring you success but its a high EQ that would help you keep it. We need to keep ourselves in a joyful frame of mind so that we don't become just successful but also knkw how to relish it. And the biggest success is to lead a beautifully happy and fulfied life! May you be healthy happy blissful and successful ! May Peace be with you forever!