Mannequin of a Queen : On struggles of women from womb to tomb

Aritra Das Sarma

Tomorrow Women's Day is celebrated Worldwide. There are multiplicity of views regarding what exactly is feminism. I find the need of such complexities to be quite futile. Its unfortunate that we still need to remind ourselves and others that we are equal to men or we must enjoy certain privileges meant for us. When shall we be treated as just a respectable human being in the society?We might enjoy certain privileges just like children and senior citizens do but referring to us as "Weaker Sex" must stop. Just because we have excess of emotions that does n't mean we are fragile and cry babies. If a woman can not hold her tears it only means she is cleansing her wounds . There's no strength in not feeling emotions. Coldness is no sign of strength. Why we still can not walk on the streets as safe as our male counterparts...Why our parents keep us calling ,when we go to trips with friends unlike our male friends' parents? Why a girl having too many male friends termed as slut? Why every part of our body is scanned as if we are a piece of paper with some important information on it? Why do we need to learn karrate & Judo to save ourselves ? Why pepperspray ? Why pocket knives ? Why safety apps ? Why a big fuss with deepneck tops? Why a hush hush with periods? Why still people abort a girl child in the womb? Why rapes happen ? Why heinous attacks and assaults of all kinds happen? Why before each single protest we feel deep fear...fear for our life? From the womb to the tomb...the road is full of thorns just because our last chromose is XX . Is the answers to all my why's Is just a Y ? A Y chromosome changed the way the world perceives us ? Men do have many general problems but for women just being a woman becomes a problem. No not every man does that. But a large no. Of people do so. There are some amazing men always who know how to treat a woman. They care for us love us and give us the necessary respect because we are a human being. But there are some patriarchial chauvinists who still have a caveman mentality. They see woman as a piece of flesh. They believe in commodification of women. Every woman might not get the status of a goddess ...or queen...Some men might feel what have they done to enjoy such status? My answer...If you can not treat her as a least do not manhandle her as a mannequin... Everyday is Women's day... because first and foremost we are human beings...secondly we are women...Give that much respect....if not more.