Aritra Das Sarma

Nobody welcomes Summer with a big hello in India unless you are in the Himalayas or if you have a company selling air-conditioners! Then happy business to you! You might become a millionaire soon! Jokes apart ! Plain dwellers do not find summer that attractive. There's a sharp rise in electricity bills with 24*7 running fans and long hours of AC. There's no end to middle class miseries. Daily commuters are heard rumbling and complaining about the unbeatable heat perspirating inside crowded buses or trains ,auto rickshaws or cars waiting at the red signal. Phew! Switch on your Television,you shall see orange juice and soft drink commercials promising you some relief . You sweat ,and sprinkle some water on your face which turn to vapours very soon and you again sweat. The cycle continues. You finally decide to replace your hanky with cucumber wipes . Honestly speaking its a smart decision! Spas offer you discounts and the shopping malls too if you are buying the cotton kurtis or kurtas. Ah! thats really a good news. You know what , Trendy cotton clothes is probably one among the few things for which we look forward to summer. No the situation is not that gloomy either. Summer has its perks too. I mean how can you forget the king of fruits ? Mango! Yeah! There you go! In India there are more than 10 varieties of the same fruit! You come to Bengal,you will see mango chutney served in Weddings, You go to Gurjat and see the mango pulp being turned into absolutely delicious "Aamras " . You fly to Mumbai,they shall serve you Mango flavoured Falooda. Must say ,One fruit and Many uses! Coming to the weather ,all I can say protect your skin. No not only women,men too need to protect their skin. A good sunscreen and an umbrella is must. If you are a woman finding Umbrella ,difficult to be carried,then tie around your head those amazing floral printed or long striped scarfs available for not more than Rs 200 at any good clothstore. Yeah that's quite a cheap bargain! For men, well try those youtube tutorials of how to tie a scarf if you are a man ! Okay so you are now equipped with summer loo. And needless to say do not forget to drink gallons of water. Yeah, yeah thats an exaggeration...but drinking water in quite a good amount is must. You have no idea what dehydration can do to your body. You can go for Glucon D, or simply squeeze a lime into normal water ,add ice ,mint leaves and enjoy the coolness of a soothing lime if you find drinking water boring but don't substitute water with a carbonated drink . That won't help! Sometimes you might want to try a few soft drinks ...Well thats your choice...Do enjoy the drink! ...but do not compromise with Water ever! After drinks,you must be thinking ,what about ice-creams? Yeah they are calorie consuming ! But you want them right? The softies and the sundaes! The Badam icecream and the keshar kulfi ! Don't resist yourself to taste a scoop of it unless its a medical condition preventing you. And for icecream lovers,summer is heaven! Only that its a melting one! ACs are saviours. But make sure your AC is not without humidity control. And don't catch cold by staying in ACs for long hours. Everything is good only in moderation. There's much more to summer than its vagaries. All the adorable flowers , the marigold ,the jasmine,the hibiscus,the zinnia and who can forget sunflowers? .There is not only mango but litchies ,papaya,berries and cherries in abundance. Then there is the tranquil coconut water which refreshes you ! And are we forgetting one week's trip to Darjeeling Mussoure or Dharamsala? Best time isn't it? So overall summer has both its pros and cons ! If we take it as it is,maybe we shall complain less and enjoy it more. Returning from your work, sipping ice tea or cold lassi has a charm of its own and so is all the light and white clothes! You can love it or hate it.But you can't ignore it. When you have to accept it,lets love it! Because forever the summer won't last. Fellas! This too shall pass!