Telepathy : Bogus or Science ?

Aritra Das Sarma

You think of someone and the same person texts you, you expect to see someone and then you bump into them,you and your best friend complete each other's sentences...are all these coincidences ? Or there's an underlying reality which you're missing out? Is Telepathy really real? And if it's really real, why only at some points it occurs and not always ? These questions must 've come to your mind at least once . But finding no such definite answers or even getting the answers and not experiencing it for real,you 've declared it to be trash or ineffective. With Quantum Physics pointing to the fact we live in a connected universe and the physical reality is not the ultimate ,there's quite a strong scientific basis for holding Telepathy to be really real. But don't confuse Telepathy with Mentalism. Whereas Mentalism is reading other minds ,telepathy is tuning into other's frequency and receiving the signal and giving a response to it. We all do it unconsciously . And most of the times we call it a coincidence . Mentalism is an art ,and there are only ten to twelve good mentalists around the world,who can process information from another person's brain. Though they make use of Telepathy but telepathy and mentalism are'nt the same . Telepathy is so much about wearing the shoe of another person for those very few seconds so that we can feel their feelings and read their thoughts but our mind does it so fast that we feel its our own thought . Each human brain is like a microcomputer connected to the Supercomputer of collective consciousness. So thoughts are coming in and going out ,passing through the filters of our brain every nanosecond . Some we perceive and others we let go because of our own mental chatter. In lifestories of ancient Yogis we hear that they could communicate with each other through their mind. They could read each other 's thoughts and feel their feelings. Of course no person would see the subjective reality of the other person,but communicating with each other through thoughts and not words isn't impossible . So shall we try? Will we succeed? Only if our mind is absolutely calm and also the mind of the other person we want to connect to.But in today's word every next second a new thought pops up .That's because too many people are trying to reach to us and as a result nobody is connecting! Telepathy thereby though sounds scientifically possible is regarded as Bogus as we do not experience it the way we must do. But in rare moments when by accident we manage to tune into each other's frequency...we communicate perfectly. Some noble person has correctly said once "Only a still mind has all the answers" !