A catharsis of emotions : "A glut of Gloom and Glee"

Aritra Das Sarma

We all have emotional fuels and conflicts. We do not often understand how should we deal with certain disturbing feelings . At times, we feel cornered as if nobody's reaching to us.The chaos of love and silence of friendship equally bother us.We are not seen the way we should be seen. We just hope that there's someone who gets us. Everyone of us in those points is vulnerable , some shy away from dealing with raw emotions by numbing their heart and others bury their heads in pillows in false expectation of digging graveyards of their wounds. Do wounds heal ? Or Time can only enbalm the minds and not the soul? Often wounds become Words and give us a cathartic release of our pent up emotions ! Often Literature is therapeutic ! This 25 th March get ready to dive into a pool of both sad and happy emotions ! Download kindle App from your Playstore Purchase "A Glut of gloom and Glee " on 25 th March 2019 Share the news with your Avid Book Reader friends!