Aritra Das Sarma

Human mind is capable of playing many tricks. Some of which we understand , some of it we don't . The way we see ourselves and the way we view others , everything is often a mental construct. Some are narcissists and some are maschochists , both are at the extreme ends of the spectrum . There's always a balance needed . The right amount of self-indulgence can help one succeed in life . Lesser or more both is risky . Often times we find ourselves in a labyrinth of what-to-do , what-not-to-do or what-should-we-have-done , all these are nothing but over-indulgence . Why do we then like to over-indulge ? We over-indulge because we want a release of those vented feelings. Sometimes we want someone to understand , sometimes we want acceptance . Often time what people feel is seeking attention is a silent cry within to get people's acceptance . In the end we want people to be there with us through thick and thin , through gloom and glee ! If you like poetry that's soulful If you like stories that have deep meanings and are open to multiple interpretations without being labelled as "closed minded " If you like to read ingenious quotes and find personal philosophies in it Or if you enjoy some wise -cracking tiny tales Then you're at the right place "A glut of gloom and glee" has successfully released All you need to do is pay only Rs 99 to treat yourself to an emotionally fulfilling journey . Download kindle App Buy the book : "A glut of gloom and glee" only for Rs 99 And of course share about it with your near and dear ones ! Much love !