Just read !

Aritra Das Sarma

No matter what means of entertainment come into existence , nothing can replace reading. What makes reading an exihilarating experience? When we read, every single word we stumble upon, give birth to multiple images in our brain,that's why no two people ever read the same book! Reading takes us to places we haven't been before . Reading is a two way process. When you watch films , you are rendered passive by the grandeur of cinematic visuals. But with reading you choose to see the faces you want to. You are co-creating with the author an experience that's too subjective. Coming to Ebooks ,well they are not just handy and portable Statiscally speaking,they are saving 8 million trees per year. When we buy clothes online,order food online,watch movies online,we can definitely go online with reading. Reading helps our mind to stay focussed , soothes our heart and finally lifts our soul! This April ,choose brief and easy reading With "A glut of gloom and glee" Out now Download Kindle App from Store Add to Cart Only 99 INR!