Interview with Ragini Mishra : Author of Life a hope

Team WordBite

1. Can you tell us something about your book?

ANSWER: My book, ‘Life a Hope’ gives glimpse of various phases of life.

The collection of six short stories unveils the beauty of hope and its

importance in our lives. Hope is a bright star in a hopelessly dark universe.

Hope is not just an emotion, it is a promise that smiling and laughter are just

around the corner. Hope is in that soft shrug of yours, it's in the way you

walk, more confident than before, holding your head a little higher. With

hope, life becomes easy. A must read book, suitable for all ages.

2. How do you manage to take out time to write in your busy


ANSWER: Doing what you love is where happiness lives. Almost a year

ago, I was facing very difficult time, nothing seemed to work properly, and

day by day was getting miserable for me, that’s when writing was my savior.

It gave me peace and my thoughts found meaning. To be precise, writing

was that “hope” that helped me come out of that time. I never thought that

those works of mine would get such a beautiful result, as you gave me a

chance to get my work published. My stories somewhat reflect my situation

and how hope helped me sail through life. After this book, I realized the

truth in this statement, “Sweet are the uses of adversity.”

3. Who is your favorite author?

ANSWER: My favourite author is ‘A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.’ Although I have

read only one of his books, ‘Ignited Minds’ but the motive behind his writing gave

him a more respectable place in my heart. Many claim to care about the country

and its wellbeing, but rare are those whose entire life revolves around one motto,

upliftment of country and its citizens. He was one such man. In his books too, he

reflects the same idea. That’s the reason, he is my favourite author.

4. If given a chance which personalities biography you would love to

write and why?

ANSWER: If given a chance, I would love to write biography of

‘Steve Jobs’. His life is an inspiration for me. Over a lifetime filled

with highs and lows that inspired countless tech entrepreneurs to

come, Steve managed to carve out a legacy that assures he is

considered one of the world’s greatest innovators even today. It was

never smooth sailing, but he never lost hope.

5. What are your thoughts about co-Authoring? Any author you

would love to co-Author with?

ANSWER: Co-Authoring for me is a nice method, where different

authors of different ideas come together to write something

interesting. I would like to co-author with Mr. Amish because the way

he writes, the way he has given a new twist to mythology, I want to

learn new ideas and methodology from him.

6. What difficulties you faced while writing this book?

ANSWER: As I mentioned earlier, I wrote these stories when I was

in a sort of depression, so when I got to know that you are going to get

my book published, I was in a fix, how to make my book a perfect

book for my readers. The stories needed a different outlook, a proper

theme, a positive ending and a perfect writing. So the compilation of

the stories, their titles, book’s title and its theme so that it can be

perfect to summarize my stories in a whole was a difficult task.

7. What should your readers expect from you next?

ANSWER: I’ll try to work on new and different genres, so as to

entertain my readers. Every work will carry a completely different

theme so as to amaze my readers.

8. Any advice for budding writers?

ANSWER: “Love what you do, Do what you love.”

Words are not just blots of ink, they have power and magic. Use

your magic and power of words to create a masterpiece and most

importantly, never get satisfied with your work because it will help

you to achieve more better by working hard for it.