Interview with Heena Vadher Author of You Blame and I will Blossom

Team WordBite

Today, we will be interviewing Heena Vadher who is an inspiring author. Heena has recently written a great book so let's see what this author has to say about her writing and life.


Team WordBite: Can you tell us something about your book?

Heena Vadher: Sure. This book is collection of my quotes, poetries, and short-stories. And most of them are based on the current scenario and place of women in our society. There is a reason for choosing this specific topic as I have seen that no matter how many times they say that there is no difference between a boy and a girl, they do treat their daughterlike ‘LIABILITY' son like ‘ASSET' as the message showed in the movie ‘Badrinathkidulhania'. Yes, we do say but we don’t do what we say. That’s why I wanted to express the feeling that I have kept in my heart throughout these years, so that it may reach to the people who are still unaware of the fact that nowadays girls are achieving grandeur in every male-dominated field. So my book is having short and sweet message urging everyone to respect their mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, daughter and every single woman. As respect is a reciprocal process. If you want to be respected then let others feel respected by your deeds.


T.B.: What difficulties you faced while writing this book?

H.V.: Difficulty? Not at all. As writing is my hobby. It's more than hobby for me. Though I had never thought about being a writer but I started writing 2 years ago because of my weakness. As I wasn't able to express my feelings to anyone, yes, it's little bit strange but it's true. Though I had faced some difficulties while I was trying to be better in my writing skill. There were many people who always encouraged me helped me in everything, they were happy that I was trying at least. But there were also many people who hadgrudge against me and who had discouraged me by criticizing every little thing. Many of them were saying that I am just wasting my time and I will not be able to be what I want to, my thinking will never be able to influence people out there. ButI took their every comment positivelyas I thought it’s happening because they feel unsecured because of my development so I just moved ahead. And here I am.


T.B.: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

H.V.: As I said I didn’t even think about being a writer. But some my teachers had advised me to keep a diary and note down everything happened in the day. And I found it worth-doing. It not only helped me remember what had happened on which day but it also improved my writing skill a lot and then I was able to write a perfect quote to describe my whole day. I started writing quotes according to my daily experiences. Some people started saying that I am coming across condescending with them. It hurts a lot when you start something enthusiastically and someone try to make you feel inferior as they don't like it that you showed them the mirror. But that’s how life is. Not everyone will be there in your struggle but who meant to be there, will always be there. That's all.


T.B.: Any book you wished you had written? Why?

H.V.: Yes, there is a book in Gujarati titled as ‘Angad no pag'  -by haresh dholakiya ' (અંગદનો૫ગ) which I wished I had written. Because this book played a vital role in my life. When I started writing I was encouraged as well as discouraged by people but this book totally changed my thinking and provided me good hope to grow. After reading it, I was filled with tremendous positive energy. And got the central idea of the book. That is no one can beat you in the field in which you are best. And you don't even need to be in competition with them as you are the BEST already in it. So you don't need to feel inferior because of them. Just like said by Eleanor Roosevelt “No one can make you inferior without your consent”.


T.B.: What do you like to do when you're not writing?

H.V.: Music. Usually I prefer to write something when I am fully energized especially in the earlier hours of morning. So that I could write perfectly but when I am not writing, I will take my earphones and  listen to music. Honestly, it gives me peace and pleasure simultaneously. I love to listen Bollywood songs but I also like to listen some prayers like ‘Ik onkaar', ‘Vaishanv jan to', etc.


T.B.: What does your family think of your writing?

H.V.: My family has always supported me to do whatever I feel right to do. And so they haven’t ever raised any objection over anything that I love to do.


T.B.: What should your readers expect from you next?

H.V.: I really don’t know. What they will expect from me for my next book. But I am sure I will able to say that soonest. As I hope that readers will like my book and appreciate my first effort of writing a book. And if they will send me replies regarding this book I will able to know their perspective soon and will definitely try my level best toexpress my thoughts according to their expectations.


T.B.: Any advice for budding writers?

H.V.: The same advice that I have given you in my book. To respect everyone’s emotions. And especially that of women! Not because I am one of them, but because of the fact that she needs your support and appreciation to shine out bright! And trust me, they will give you more in return than you gave her. Whether it is respect or disrespect!

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