Fashion Tips while you are going to the Beach

Kirti Mule

We all love summer.

But it can be a hard one, fashion wise. And one of the hardest things to dress for is the beach. From what to bring, what to leave behind and what to pack twenty of, it can be daunting to pack that beach bag. But take into account the following tips and you are good to go.

Wear your swimsuit under your clothes

It is difficult to change on beach so this is the best option you have. You might not end up getting in the water, but it'll save you the hassle of trying to hold up your towel while simultaneously changing clothes.

Get a swimsuit that doubles as a top

The bodysuit trend is huge now. Getting a swimsuit that passes as an ordinary top is a great way to be ready for the beach

Pick a super light summer dress

Picking up a super light dress that you can throw on over your togs will be a lifesaver. If it's too hot for shorts and a top, then this is the perfect cover-up.

Accessorize to look uber glam

Wear sun glasses and sun hats to look different on the beach this summer.

Go for cotton or linen

Opt for cotton or linen clothing on the beach so that it doesn’t stick to your body and also make you feel light.

Wear open sandals or flip flops

Summer is the time to get those open sandals or flip flops out of your wardrobe. Wear anything that will get your feet out of your shoes.

Carry a bigger bag

There are many essentials you need to carry on beach. So you finally have a reason to use that huge bag that's been hiding at the back of your wardrobe. 

Avoid light colors

Brighter and bolder colors work better on beach. Avoid light colors if you will be chilling on sand.

Tie your hair in a bun

Whether the beach is windy or not, hair down by the sea is never a good look. 

Don't forget your scarf

Always carry a scarf with you because it can anytime get breezy.