After Avengers End Game, Movies which we are going to see in MCU Phase 4

Maithilee Joshi

Well, a few days back we got the trailer we were waiting for, and as Tony Stark says, 'Part of the Journey is the... End.' 

We have to be prepared for a changed MCU and brace ourselves for the next phase of MCU. But personally feeling i don't think MCU phase 4 will instantly change everything, and going by certain news doing round the movies which we may get in MCU Phase 4 would change MCU a bit but not completely! 

1] Spiderman: Far From Home

Well starting the next phase of MCU will be the protege of Iron Man. And I strongly feel, just like Iron Man charmed around for the longest period Spiderman is also going to be there. 

2] Guardians of The Galaxy: Vol. 3

Well it is still unclear who all will be part of the team this time, but i have a feeling Thor might join the Guardians on their next mission, making the chances of success more high. 

3] Black Widow Movie

Well it took 10 years for a Black Widow movie, but this one is one of the most awaited one. Since Black Widow is part of the original team people won't feel much difference in the Phase 4.

4] Black Panther 2

The king of Wakanda will be back for the sequel to save his kingdom from the enemy. 

Well these are the movies which are going to happen in the next phase, and since all previous phases expect for phase 3 had 6 movies. We can expect a team up movie. 

Since all the movies happening in the next phase does include the heroes who were part of the previous phases. Phase 4 is not going to be something completely different but it will slowly-slowly change MCU FOREVER!