MCU after Avengers EndGame will be like this | Next Phases of MCU

Kanishka A

I have cracked what the MCU is going to be after Avengers ENDGame.

The Next Phases of MCU will be like this.

The trailer of Spiderman: Far From Home has arrived and guided us further how the MCU is going to be now.

Few things which are constructed after End Game:

1] There is Multiverse: The multiverse, also known as an omniverse or meta-universe, is a hypothetical group of multiple universes. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, and the physical laws and constants that describe them.

2] The Snap created a whole in between them so now people can travel in between one universe to another universe. 

3] So in another universe Iron Man / Tony Stark may still be alive. 

Now lets focus on which Movies will release and how they will move MCU further. 

New Phases will have 3 movies releasing every year. So we can now map how they will develop the next BIG THING!

2019] Spiderman: Far From Home

It will introduce us to Multiverse and show us that the Avengers no longer exists.

2020] Black Widow Movie 

Yes since they need time to establish the new big villain they will go back in time again as they did with Captian Marvel or Captain America where they will drop us some hints about Eternals Movie and Mutants [Since MCU now owns X-men] 

2020] Asgardians of Galaxy [Gaurdian's of Galaxy Vol 3]

Yes, this movie will from the group of Thor along with Guardians and they will explore us to Eternals and Galactus [He will be the next Big Villian] What he will do we will talk later on.

2020] Loki Series, Falcon & Winter Soldier Series

These will take us into the multiple universes in detail and in a small level.

2020] Dr. Strange 2

In it, we will see a new small villain who will arrive from another universe and show us that our world needed heroes more now than ever.

2021] Black Panther 2

Wakanda as always is going to take us ahead in technology in it we can expect to see Hulk being part in a cameo as they will fight there a small villain in post-credit connecting the big villain.

2021] Eternals Movie

Yes, this movie is finally going to tease Galactus in a big way and set forth that he is going to be around for a long time. At the end of the movie, the Heroes of this movie will come to the present timeline.

 2021] Captain Marvel 2

In which she will understand how big and important is Galactus and he is planning to Destroy not just humanity but earth in all. 

2022] X-men Movie

We would be introduced to X-men and would be told why they didn't participate in Infinity War or End Game and why they were hidden for so long. 

Since by now Marvel had defined small teams like Guardians team which has Thor, X-men team, Eternals team. they Don't actually need Avengers as of yet but they need them is for sure. Since it is a big money spinner for Marvel but they won't just reboot Avengers so easily.

2022] Deadpool 3

Yes, finally Deadpool will join MCU making him available for Avengers

2022] Spiderman 3 Movie

This will directly lead to a villain which our friendly Spiderman cannot fight alone. He will be defeated in this movie and then tease the New Avengers movie.

2023] New Avengers Movie

Yes finally, Marvel will start Avengers again after 4 years since Nick Fury is around spiderman he will make a few calls and visits with Spiderman. The New Team will consist of 

1] Spiderman [The Iron Man Protegee]

2] Black Panther [The Guy who will find them]

3] Dr. Strange 

4] Hulk [They have to use him & he is the only old one around]

5] Captain Marvel [We need someone to lead Avengers]

6] War Machine/Deadpool

Post Credit scene will tease Galactus plan to take actions to end them overall on his own.

2023] A new character movie

Yes, they will introduce a new character for the next ten years.

2023] X-men 2 

Well, X-men will now come out in open and will come in notice of Avengers and they will make sure in future if they need help who to call.

2024] Fantastic 4 Movie

Yes, this is happening and I hope, unlike last two times MCU doesn't screw it up since a lot of the next end game is fixed on it.

By now Marvel will have Many small teams which some or the other will love in a small or big way but they know to make a big movie they need to bring all of this people and teams together. So now they will start working on the next and final phase of this new saga.

2024] Ant-Man: Last days

This will finally start the timeline of the Secrate war in which the next End Game will happen. 

2024] Black Panther 3 

This movie will show Black Panther along with X-men trying to save to multiverse which they would succeed in a small way but in large they will be defeated.

2025] Captain Marvel 3

This movie will show arise in the power of Galactus. Which will lead to the next Avengers Movie?

2025] New Avengers 2

This movie the New Avengers will fight the threat realizing Thanos was nothing in front of what they are going to face now. 

2025] Dr. Strange 3

This will conclude the Dr. Strange trilogy. 

2026] Fantastic 4 movie 2 

this movie will be like a small portion of infinity war, in which we will be a tease about a silver surfer.

2026] New character movie 2

This movie will happen as Ant-man & Wasp happen.

2026] Silver Surfer Origin Movie

Since Silver Surfer plays a very important factor in the Galactus series they wont make it a small character they will make a proper orgin movie i think.

2027] Fantastic 4 movie 3 which will deal with Silver Surfer

This will happen in a way the old Jessica Alba Fantastic 4 part 2 happen. In end he will enter earth and defeat fantastic 4 and they will call Avengers for help.

2027] New Avengers 3

In this New Avengers along with Fantastic 4 will fight and the ending battle they will call X-men but they all will be defeated since he is a very strong person. He will call Galactus.

2027] New character movie 3

In this this new character will find a way to defect Galactus and will join the cast of Big Avenger movie.

2028] New Avengers ENDGAME

Yes, I stronly belive this is going to be last movie for all the heroes since to be a big movie they cannot just kill one character this time as they wont have a well developed character like iron man this time. So they will be a big team up and I have a strong feeling they will bring back Iron-Man, Captain America and Thor the orignal 3 to lead. 

Captain will say Avengers Assemble one last time.

They will fight the last battle in which they will win and we will lose a lot of heroes. This will end the multiverse concept they will settle the multiverse concept and form one single earth again to carry forward the MCU.

2028] X-men 3

This movie will be like Spiderman Far From Home and will set the MCU next 10 years.