NETFLIX Original Polar Movie Review: Worst Neflix Original ever

Danisha B

Polar Netflix Movie

Directed by

Jonas Ã…kerlund

Produced by
  • Robert Kulzer
  • Mike Richardson
  • Keith Goldberg
  • Jeremy Bolt
  • Hartley Gorenstein
Screenplay byJayson Rothwell
Based onPolar: Came From the Cold
by Víctor Santos
  • Mads Mikkelsen
  • Vanessa Hudgens
  • Katheryn Winnick
  • Matt Lucas
Music by


 If there is a list of worst NETFLIX Original Movies, Polar would give anyone else a tough competition for the top rank. As the trailer of the movie came it was taunted as the John Wick of Netflix but it is no where even a inch close to being what it was taunted as. 

Story as per Wikipedia:

Somewhere in Chile, a recently retired former assassin is killed at his stately mansion home by a group of his former work colleagues at the command of Mr. Blut, his employer. Once his employees reach mandatory retirement at fifty, Blut is forced to pay them millions of dollars in pensions. However, Blut plans to turn this into a profit by murdering them before they reach fifty at which point their pensions will revert back to his company, Damocles.

Duncan (Mads Mikkelsen) is 14 days away from retirement as a working class assassin, he plans on settling down in a small suburban town in an undisclosed location. Duncan was regarded as the most feared assassin in the world though he is haunted by recurring nightmares of the murder of a family he killed, except for the young daughter who Duncan let go. Known as “the black kaiser”, Duncan has begun his settlement into relaxation with Camille, a young and shy, easily frightened woman who Duncan later teaches to use a gun and prepare for attack.

Blut sends Duncan on a mission to Belarus to kill a target that was supposedly responsible for the murders of the other former assassins. However, Duncan acts before telling Blut and discovers that he is the true target. Despite having covered his tracks well, Duncan is tracked down through large donations he has made to a charity. At night, Blut's assassins ambush Duncan in his house, but he manages to turn the tables and kill them all. Learning that Camille has been kidnapped, Duncan goes to former mentor, Porter (Richard Dreyfuss) only to be betrayed and drugged by him before learning any information.

Duncan is tortured for three days by Blut, losing his left eye in the process. Duncan eventually manages to escape, heavily wounded and goes to an old lover, Jasmine, for healing and weaponry. Viviane, another former lover and Duncan's old handler, leads a task force to ambush Duncan when he offers to trade himself for Camille, but Duncan takes out the entire task force using Jasmine's remote-controlled machine guns. Blut's remaining men desert him rather than face Duncan's wrath and Duncan decapitates Blut in retaliation for his actions.

Discovering the heavily drugged Camille, Duncan tends to her exposure only to awake the following morning to find her gone. Searching her room, he finds newspapers from twenty years prior about the death of the family he has nightmares about murdering and $200,000 check stubs. Camille reveals herself to be the young daughter of the family who had been spared by Duncan and who he has been financially providing for from a distance ever since. Haunted by the murders, Camille had tracked Duncan down for revenge. Though Camille tries, she is unable to bring herself to kill Duncan. Duncan promises to help Camille try to find out who had put a hit out on her father.

Final Words:

Well if you like to see movie showing girl with less to no cloths, sleek action, and no story. You should watch Polar and waste your time. Else you can re-watch John Wick on NETFLIX and wait for the chapter 3.