10 Things Every SRK Fan Unfortunately Has to Hear in Today’s World

Bollywood industry is an influential medium in todays world. Thanks to the social media that we become so close to our favorite celebrity. All of us do check the updates of our loved superstar via different social medium.

When we are talking about bollywood how we can forget to talk about the Bollywood Badshah- SRK. He is the ultimate one in bollywood for his fans like me.

But like any other celeb he also his fair share of criticism. Though being a fan of him I never understood the reason behind it but things which are listed below are mostly told to me. If you also hear such things this is how you can deal with it.

Are you a SRK fan and do you unfortunately have to hear these things today?

1) "He's so old."

This is the most common comment we being his fans have to hear. But then there is no possible reply to this one that doesn't make me sound like a 12 year old, so I would let this one go, but just add : SO IS YOUR DAD! OK, I hope you consider him still a fine man.

2) "He's so arrogant."

There are people who think SRK is arrogant because of the way he answer the some ridiculous question. He the thing is he knows how to shut a person if he is wrong.

3) "Salman Khan has more stardom than SRK."

"Salman Khan is a better actor", "He has more fans"... then good for you. Go after him then!

4) "Why does he have to cry in every movie?"

Because he's an emotional human being and he's got the most amazing heart.

5) "He's so short."

If you think so then I must tell you that great things come in small packets.

6) "I always get confused between Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge."

I hope you dont get confused with your girlfriend and your friends girlfriend.

7) "He isnt given roles anymore. He hardly does one movie in a year."

Thats because he is Mr. Perfectionist and focus on making a movie hit in one particular year.

8) "Todays young actors are way more talented than Shah Rukh Khan."

Good for them. I hope they take it in a long run that way. And if not more but atleast give the number of hits like him.

9) "But, Dilwale/ Chennai Express/ Happy New Year (etc.) are such trash movies."

Tell me one superstar who hasnt given an average movie throughout his career.

10) "He is not a versatile actor. He does only lovey-dovey roles."

I guess you havent seen Swades, Chak De, Fan and also Darr. Go watch it!


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