10 annoying things that every Author has to hear!

As an author, every single one of them has to hear these things. If not on daily basis but at some point in their life they have to hear each one of them.

1] Complimentary Singed Copy.

'I want a complimentary, author signed copy of your book. This line will be said by your friend, your best friends friend, your girlfriend/boyfriends friend or even by the guy who you hate.

2] Help with getting published

'Dude, you got to help me with getting published. I am writing a very amazing book and it is almost complete. Some random friends will say this, who might not even had written a thousand words yet.


 This would be a person who would end up spending thousands of bucks on various things but would say, 200 rs is way costly.

4] The Free Reading.

'Hey can I take this book back home, read it and give it back to you? this is the most sophisticated way to ask for a free copy thinking it wouldnt hurt the Authors sentiments but this is the most ridicules way.

5] The English help-hand.

Well if you are author your relatives would end up thinking you are good in English and would ask you to help with their kids essay.

6] How do you write?

Well this is going to be a difficult question to answer since sometimes even you dont know how you ended up with having that story in your mind.


7] Real life characters.

Well even if your book has 100% imaginary characters, everybody would end up asking you, which character is based on you or your love interest;


8] Writing a book means you have lot of time

 'I envy you; you really have a lot of time. Someone may end saying this to you and you would want to punch that person, since you have not written a book because you had free time.

9] Where do I get your book from?

Well this is the most stupid question to ask, since Amazon, flipkart, WordBite and crosswords all of them sell books.

10] The surprise catch!

 'Hey, I was browsing through Amazon to buy a something and I saw your book there!!!

Great then instead of telling you should buy the book, dude!

If you get to hear more things which are not listed here, do click on start writing and write. 

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