Reasons Driving a Car in Pune will Build Your Character

Remember the days of your childhood when you used to travel with your mom and dad? That time we used to think of driving our own vehicle as soon as possible. We all have thought of driving a car like we use to play in our video games.

But now being an adult and driving my car till my office make me think of the good times I had earlier. Sitting at passenger thing can be a joyful ride now and driving a car in Pune can be a test of your patience and fortitude, of the strength of your character. You will cry, you will curse and it shall be a stronger and wiser person who emerges from the traffic jams.

So here are ways in which driving in Pune helps you grow as a person:

You Discover Your Hidden Talent of being Competitive

There is an F1 racer within us all that Puneri roads brings to the fore. The person who overtakes you is a jerk looking for cheap thrills, and the one driving in front of you at a leisurely place is a jobless tortoise that needs to learn how to drive. Such thoughts can increase your talent of competiveness and you will be a racer on Puneri roads.

You will Learn Self control

Your preferred form of stress-relief must be screaming obscenities (from behind the safety of your windshield) at not-so-innocent bystanders who materialize seemingly out of the blue in front of your vehicle. But it may not be such a good idea to say what's really on your mind when some idiot swerves past you like he's playing real-life Road Rash - your elderly passengers will be shocked and appalled, and your kids will learn new, creative ways to embarrass you in public. When it comes to self-discipline, Pune traffic teaches you more than Ra's Al Ghul ever taught Bruce Wayne.

You Develop a Quality of Being Patient

If you are a patient person then it will be easier for you to survive it this city called Pune. Rather your quality will get more enhanced when you get struck in the traffic. If you are an impatient person then worry not you will definitely learn how to develop this quality.

You will be Used to an Evil Called PMPML

You will be blocked more than once by this evil and you will later regret being behind this. PMPML buses that look like they can fall apart at the hinges any second but miraculously manage to hold themselves together. They stop in the middle of a road and make you come to an abrupt halt behind them, struggling to escape the power they hold over your vehicle. And that's easier said than done - they will swing from the left side of the road to the right like enormous, lumbering pendulums while you play an impromptu game of dodge-the-bus. 

Small Things will Mean a Lot to You

The streets of Pune teach you that it's the small gestures that truly make a difference, the seemingly insignificant acts of goodness that mean so much. You become so used to people coming up on your left, overtaking you, rounding your two-wheeler and taking a left without the slightest indication that the mere sight of someone flashing their indicator will fill your eyes with tears of joy.

You Will Be Grateful to a Gift called Music

If you are stuck in your car, inching forward at a deathly slow pace in a sea of other tortured souls, your playlist is your savior. When the universe is conspiring against you getting to work on time, choosing and singing along to your own music gives you a semblance of control amidst the chaos of FC Road. You are humbled and grateful to use this gift.

You Learn Importance of Following Rules

The roads of Pune are like a lawless wasteland, with each man for himself.

Trivialities like traffic rules are for the mere mortals who like to play it safe, not the legends. So when you're driving and one of these daredevils decides to zigzag through the vehicles like a firecracker that has lost its way, you understand why following the rules was so important in school. And when you wish you could hand out detentions for terrible driving, and that is when you become your high school teacher.

You will Experience a Video Game Going On

Because who needs video games when you can experience all the craziness of driving in GTA every time you take your car out for a drive. The game-play is unbelievably immersive, and will have you actually fearing for your life at times.

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