Unknown Facts About BestSelling Author of Shiva Trilogy AMISH

Amish is the MEGA SELLING author of Shiva Trilogy which had taken the Indian Literature Domain by storm.

1. Dharma Productions has already bought the film rights of the first book (Immortals Of Meluha)

The film rights of this bestseller book seriess first installment – The Immortals of Meluha have already been secured by Karan Johars banner Dharma Productions. According to reports it is said that the "Kal Ho Na Ho" director believes that the movie adaptation of this book will be a game changer for their banner ( and why would it not given the huge success and admiration of the series ). As of now this projects is in its pre-production stage, There have been rumours of Karan Malhotra directing the movie adaptation and Tiger Shroff replacing Hrithik Roshan ( who was the first choice for the film ) has been doing the rounds for quite a while, no concrete development for the project has been made . Well this one will surely have the movie enthusiasts waiting !

2. The Immortals of Meluha rejected by every publisher before the author went for self publishing of the book

There are some facts about shiva trilogy that you wont believe. Yes, thats true, It is so surprising that this legendary mythology literature which was based on none other than The "Mahadeva" could have been rejected by almost every publisher. Amish opened up in an interview and he explained that the book was rejected on grounds that todays readers would be more interested in love stories and other subjects rather than going for a religious/mythological biopic. Thus left with no choice, the author went for the self publishing of this book (And Oh boy it worked wonders for him!)

3. Amish Tripathi admits to himself being an atheist in earlier life

There are other facts about shiva trilogy author. Not many people know that Amish who is an IIM Kolkata pass out claimed in many of his interviews that he used to refuse to enter the temples and would rather stand outside as being a firm non-believer. And as the author has often been quoted saying that he was more of a "control freak" and before he had undergone a great transformation (into a devoted follower of Shiva) while he was attempting and writing his first book on Lord Shiva. (Well Such is the power of "Destroyer of Evil" Our Bholenath)

4.Amish tripathi belongs to the family of Priests of Banaras

When Amish during his various appearances in the media is asked about the fact that why he was able to explore and write about the Hindu Mythology in such a spectacular vivid (detailed) fashion, his only answer remains that he has inherited the rich cultural lineage from his parents who were very religious and also from his grand father who was a priest in Banaras. He had an exposure with the wisdom of Vedas and Upanishads and that did contribute to his writings in the later years of his life

5. Amish initially wanted to write a book on philosophy of evil but his family advised him otherwise

The author was always fascinated by the concept of the existence of evil and his first idea was to write a book on it. But some of his family members (who are said to be traditional and firm Hindus) advised him that this concept does not find acceptance in our society. The germ of the Idea did follow, and he rather wrote on the "Destroyer of Evil " – The Powerful Lord Shiva. His Ideology is evident by the fact that through his writing he states that "evil does serve a purpose" and he has also been often seen endorsing this statement in real life.

6.   The series was his first fictional outing !

The writer describes the fact that this before the writing of this Epic Best Seller Series, he had no formal exposure in any form of writing. He even went on saying that the poems and short stories which he wrote in his college days were terrible to say the least. It was only due to his exposure and religious background that he could accomplish this mammoth task of bringing the Magnanimity of Shiva in the form of literary adventure novel.

7. The publishers of the book (West-land) payed a whooping 6.63 crores (0.92 million euros) for the third book even before it was written

After being rejected for the first book so many times, and the series later becoming a raging success, life did come to a full circle for the Immortals Of Meluha writer when , even before he started working on the third and the last installment of the series " The Oath Of Vayuputras" was granted a check of a whooping 1 million pounds. (Thats a perfect payback) The good thing about Amish was, although a few publishers wanted changes in his novel (in the first stage of 1st book) he still remained truthful to his ideologies and that did work wonders for him in the long run.

8.  Amish wanted to be a historian but ended with a career in finance

Amish who was born in Mumbai city and grew up in Rourkela in Orissa was a bright student who did his graduation in mathematics from St. Xaviers College. He later went for MBA in IIM Kolkata, After his studies he worked as a banker in various corporate companies ( like Standard Chartered, IDB ). He initially wanted to make a career in history due to his obsession with history but he had to opt out for his banking career as a more lucrative and well paying alternative. Well his "obsession" with history does explain the fact as to why he was able to dug so deep into mythological history which resulted in his well researched and astonishing accomplishment – The Grand Literature Series On Mahadeva Shiva.

9. The Author Credits his success to the blessings of Lord Shiva

Although being a no believer till the very early 30s of his life, Tripathis research on the mythological facts and knowledge of the ancient text books helped him in gaining a broader perspective about Hinduism, which also fascinated him with the divinity of Lord Shiva. It  turned him into a modest and unassertive literature genius who changed the way how Modern India looks at mythological discoveries. No Wonder, The humble and down to earth IIM pass out thus always credits his success to the blessings of Lord Shiva!

10. This book which is a tribute to Lord Shiva is a blend of fiction and religious facts

With spectacular detailing and heavy research on the ancient Indian mythology (a factor which is missing from other Indian literature of the same genre) Amish has entered into a league of his own. He has been able to touch the lives of millions of people who were left spell bound with the art of his storytelling (a rare trait) which combined great knowledge of The religious Indian texts with gripping imaginative narrative. His book revolves around a refugee from Tibet who later went on to become Mahadeva on the account of his good deeds (karma). He actually brought the beauty and meaning out of Our Great Spiritual lineage, that is what has left a mark on this world and enabled him to earn a name like no other.

Source: storiesofworld

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