A Tattle Of Olden Times


Long long ago, Just like every other night, king Veera Pratap Varma left for bed with a heavy heart. King Veera Pratap Varma is the mighty ruler of Vanga, one among the biggest kingdoms in Ancient times of India.


The middle-aged King was heavy-hearted because he wishes he had an heir, who takes care of his beloved people after his reign. Despite many Rituals, sacrifices, alms King, and queen done, they hadn't blessed with a child. Queen felt sad about her barrenness and tried to remarry the King. But King never showed interest in marrying another woman, because he loves his queen with his heart and soul.


But time and tide never alike. This time, when King retired to bed, he saw a very perplexing dream.


The winding is gushing up like it has an urgent need to accompany the fire,

The Tides of the ocean in front of him were sparkling like diamonds in the black night.

They were roaring high like trying to touch the sky.

The full-moon is burning red, hanging just above the ocean like it may drown at any second.

All of sudden, Everything went calm, seems death swallowed up the entire tides and wind.

The silence he is experiencing is severe, that his own heartbeat is resonating loud.


King took a step forward to contemplate the act of tides.

As a reflex, the ocean dissembled into two halves, paved a path right to its core.


The path was guarded by water as walls. As far as the king can see, the path went so deep and dark that no one can predict what will be there at the other end of the path.


King was astonished by the unforeseen event. When his feet put forth for the first step, magically the king felt the land dry under his feet.


With his every step, light bees started hitching in the way and hovering around him, like they were giving better sight upon the order of someone.


After he walked for ages, king observed the path widening, further stretched up into a Precinct in the light of bees.


As the bees hovering increased, the king hushed them off of his eyes, took one more step and entered into the precinct. If someone tells the king, the same thing that what he was looking at, he will never believe and brushed it off as a hoax. Even he would consider them as daft.


But, now, the king is seeing with his own eyes. Still, he can't believe what he is seeing in the light of innumerable bees.


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