Brothers of Riddleplay

Hello my luvable writers,

Well,I'm a new riddle here.Let me introduce.My pen-name is HarShaN.

I m going to share a part from one of my old stories.Hope U'll like it.

Brothers of Riddle..

A little try..Hope U all'll like it 

"O Meraa Kudaa"(Oh,My Almighty)..

He said as like as the droplets of air..

With Silence of Smile in his lips,

He triggered the gun and his lips started humming.

The bullet crossed his long luvable hair..

Was It?

He smiled.

Even the bullet didn't cross his smile.

It entered into another one's head.

"What mistake I had done???Sorry my Silent's Boy"

His mind strucked and withdrew the gun.

His eyes poured tears..

Loc:Taj Mahal.

Someone none other than the silent's boy.

He,himself slapped by his hands.

The bullet comes out.


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