Knowledge is a blessing that shows us the path to truth. But in this universe certain truths are beyond our imaginations and Knowledge. And the search for these truths lead to insomania to many. Therefore, many people believe that ignorance is a bliss. The one who is ignorant about these truths and search for these truths live happily. But the problem lies with those who have illusion of being knowledgable. This illusionist who himself is in illusion feels so helpless with his little knowledge that he cannot live his life with satisfaction. The greatest quality of an ignorant person is that he is aware of the fact that he is ignorant but a knowledgeable person has no knowledge that he hasn't got full knowledge. And often this hallucination of knowledge creates more problems.

To seek knowledge, should be the aim of every body's life, but to fool oneself of knowing everything and the ego of being knowledgeable is the root cause of all issues. Therefore consider an ignorant person who knows he is ignorant, as a more knowledgeable person than a person who doesn't have knowledge of his ignorance.

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