Title is at the End

[Disclaimer: the image has been downloaded from google. It doesn't have any direct connection to the story except the first draft of the story was done on paper by pencil. So, don't get carried away by the picture. Read the story.]


Ahoy! Look at the south of the starboard. Its a land! Every sailor of the ship are overwhelmed hearing this. Since two months, they havent seen anything but blue water around them. Its like some festival has started in the ship. The similar thing is happening in the three more ships following the leading Sao Gabriel.

Instead of the sailors celebration in all four ships, one person is partly relieved and partly tensed in himself. He was sensing a smell of mutiny amongst the crew and it might have taken place in reality if the ship didnt run beyond her capacity and reached Calicut. He is relieved by this fact but some other things are pinching him. One thought is regarding his crew. Many of them carry a soldier personality in themselves. They dont understand what business is. After arriving in land, theyll first seek chances to conquer this native town as they know they are weak for preventing. And the second problem is-

'Sir! Captains thought is broken by first mates interruption, 'Sorry to disturb sir! The customs officers of Calicut are demanding to know the owners name and the purpose of our arrival.

'Tell them the truth!


'Tell them, weve come here to deal with Indian spices with due permission of Zamorin of Calicut. And yes- the owner is- Vasco-da-Gamma.

'But sir-'


He is a mate with soldier quality. Captain has to calm down all of them. He has come with intension to conquer, but not empty-handed. The conqueror will be the Portuguese, there will be nothing in his hand. So, he needs business that can fill up his pockets. He has dealt with all the miseries during this long journey like pirates, flickers of mutiny, storm, and he has overcome of every problem. This is his last step to his war game. He has to win. After all, he is VASCO-DA-GAMMA.


The calm durbar of the Zamorin is now seeing a very contrary thing- the chaos. Zamorin is busy in discussing with his ministers. Vasco-da-Gamma has arrived. He knows that his trader policy is just a mask to hide his conquering intensions. His spies have reported him that theyve seen some cabins of his ship are fully loaded with artilleries.

Zamorin knows his love for country is a headache to Vasco. Vasco knows very well that Zamorin will never sign the treaty and surrender to Portuguese. If he wants Calicut, he has conquer it.

Zamorin is also aware of his weakness to prevent them. The soldiers are well trained, but they are useless with their maces, spears, bows and arrows in front of the gunpowder of Portuguese. Zamorin knows he hast to break the rules of fair war to protect his country. After huge argument with self, he has decided not to follow the rule of the war. Now he is discussing how they can be defeated.

Suddenly, the prince suggested one thing that made Zamorin grin and feel proud of his son.


Vasco is thinking of his childhood. He was very guileful since his childhood. One thing his father said to him that the day will come when the more guileful person than you will beat you in your own game. And that has happened.

By the time Vasco and his crew were sleeping, the kings men suddenly searched all of their boats and discovered the armoury. All of them were arrested for encounter. Vasco and his mate managed to flee. While reaching in ship, mate was blaming him for not attacking the city after arrival. Vasco was listening calmly. But that awkward silence made the mate furious. He dragged out his gun and fired at Vasco. After falling down on deck, the thoughts were coming to Vascos mind. They were being pretty interrupted as the deck was full with soldiers by the time and mate was yelling and fighting with them.

The last thing Vasco sees before closing his eyes- mate fell down on the  floor with six knives stabbed on his back- the last knife was stabbed by the prince- the more guileful who beat Vasco-da-Gamma.


"Thanks for Playing". Fuck your thanks! Yelled Angshumaan. It was his last combination of strategy selection that he applied for winning this strategy game- Vasco-da-Gamma. Computer games are the only thing that keeps him distracted from the thoughts of Dipavali- his beloved. She went away from him, without any notice or reason of leaving him. She told his friends that she doesnt even resemble him as her friend anymore. On the first stage of depression, he always blamed her, and claimed himself as innocent. But later, he realised that it is his Karma that is making things jeopardized in his life. Didnt he made his parents life a mess? Didnt he played with their ambition regarding him? FUCK YES! He deserves this. Since then, he is trying to distract himself from her thoughts. Marijuana, alcohol and computer games are his distractions. He always plays the strategy games after jamming his brain with Marijuana. Vasco-da-Gamma is his failure. His SECOND failure.


Angshumaan is walking by the boundaries of the roof of his five storied apartment building. A cigarette is lit between his fingers. Long day later he has yelled. The last time he yelled at Dipavali, though she was not present in front of him, but he yelled at her for leaving him. He cried. Loud was the noise and for the second time after Dipavalis break-up, he yelled. He knows now, he cant grow any more fruit in his life. Hell never be able to make his parents happy. His parents have also given up hope on him. He loves his parents. He cant see anymore that they are sad for him. He also knows he is unable to fix things. He has decided to run away. Now Angshumaan is laughing. Previously, when he came on the roof, he feared to lean upon the walls. But today he isnt gritting but grinning. The marijuana is saying that he can fly from the roof. He can fly away to an unknown world. Tap. Tap. Tap. Angshumaans feet missed land under him.


THE END. The last two words are finally written by Probal. He uses to express his feelings through his blogs, his poems, his stories, but he never could tell anyone about his guilt, how much does he love his parents and how much does he misses Sulagna. Maybe there was no one to hear him, or maybe he was too shy to tell. He knows this is argumentative. But now its over He has finished his story that started with Vasco and ended with Angshumaan. After killing his fictitious characters by his own hands, his hands reached for the pills now. Now he will sleep. After countless sleepless nights, he will fall asleep now. When his eyes are closing, his last glance is at the storys title: MY (LAST STORY + CONFESSION + SUICIDE NOTE)

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