When you feel Lonely

When everyone left you ,Do you feel like this?

Understand me.

Allow me.

Talk to me.

Let us meet.

Let us travel.

Let us eat out.

Let us shout.

Let us rock.

Let us sing those crazy numbers

Let us dance like chimpanzees

Let us be evergreen

Without "we" there is no "ME".

Let our breath sychronise

Let our tears become memories

Let our fights become a myth

Let everything go away from me

Except you

You are not my love.You are not my blood.

You are my life.

The difference between you and me is

You are human and probably I am not(in your view)

P.S : Dinakar Reddy is the author of AV EROTIC CHAT,which will be available on Amazon  from 15.04.2018.

AV EROTIC CHAT is gonna published by WordBite.

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