Get Your Life Back!!

I kept thinking hard for an appropriate title for my blog but in the end I thought the more direct and on the face it is, the harder will be the impact.

Have you found yourself involuntarily and unknowingly logging on to Facebook and Instagram and whatever social media apps you are on. 

It often happens as soon as you get up in the morning, when you are sitting on the throne, when you are traveling, when you just get out of a meeting, when you are waiting for someone something.

We give a good night-â„¢s rest to our brain and subject it suddenly to knowing, deciphering, envying, other peoples lives as soon as we get up.

Keep your life personal like the good old days. Don-â„¢t become a slave to this digital world. Use that time effectively. Meditate, talk to people at home about random things, go out and play, read a book than opening the godforsaken app!!

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