Happiness is just another word
Good Day You Beautiful People! 
How often do we wonder and wait for happiness to come and fill our lives with joy and laughter, I think it's just another word to make you hope that one day it will come true and everything will be better, 
How about I tell you that the word itself doesn't have one specific meaning, how about we break this word in a million smaller words and get to experience all of those in our lives over a period of time. 
We have heard that happiness cannot be felt unless you have been through sadness, sadness ugh who wants to be sad!? 
What if the sadness somehow makes us stronger? Maybe the next time you are sad for the same reason, the impact would not be as high as the first time, there, you are already closer and know a different meaning of the word happiness, less pain more strength! 
We come to a point when we are just numb, that is the level of pain we have been through that when something good does happen we are scared that it will go away. 
What if I tell you that even though the good thing won't last and you are already anxious, another good reason for your happiness is already on it's way! You ask me how can I be sure? Well think about your entire life and when you've had 2 episodes of pain and sadness there is definitely 1 episode of happiness that comes along
We have read so many posts and quotes on happiness and feel now there cannot be anything newer than what's already out there.. 
How about I tell you that there is!? Each one of us has their own definition of happiness, some know it and some don't, why not experience and be glad that the road to happiness is filled with tasks to make us stronger and wiser, when happiness does take over us it comes ten fold the times of pain we have been through
Never give in and let any of these take over you, you have to have sadness and then laughter, balance is the key
Learn to experience and move along every new challenge that comes your way

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