Nature’s Bounty & Weakness of the Flesh [Book Review]

Today I am going to review 'Natures Bounty & Weakness of the Flesh' which is a book by Dr. Rahul Sharma and published by WordBite Originals.


The present poetry work is an anthology burgeoning the appreciation of nature and delineating a kaleidoscopic gamut of human feelings from love, compassion, delirium to rage.
The book is a fervent rollercoaster ride taking the readers on the top of mountains while being seated on the wings of breeze with a vivid description of nature's bounty. 
The poetic tales voice the comprehensive description of the weakness of flesh, be it the love of a mother, a humanitarian, the love at first sight or even break up . The societal presseures, zeal to rise breaking social taboos and penchant for embellishments as inkers are few more tunes on chromatic scale of the work. 
The simple language has been used so that people from all walks of life may enjoy and recite poems giving a transcendental taste of vivid poetry styles.


Being a first time author Dr. Rahul Sharma has done an excellent job with this book. The is a way in his words, they move you and touch your soul. each poetry has a deep meaning. Clearly waiting for the next book from Dr. Rahul Sharma and would except him to write a fiction story soon. Since i'm quite sure he will write an amazing story.

i would give 4.5 stars out of 5.

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