My mother my inspiration
My mother(madhu) is my biggest inspiration, my most encouraging champion,my heart beat and my greatest sounding board. On top of helping me chart path to success. She has been very successful herself a pioneering entrepreneur in her own right.
   Now in her age most people would relish in some downtime,but my mum has other ideas. As well as spending time with yoga and other craft work. She is also working hard. She Is a good teacher.
  My mother looked after me and supported me in every part of my life. Right from childhood she has been with me like my shadow. It had been riddled with hurdles and difficulties,but she has managed to cross them all to because of the amazing and independent person she is.
    She not only helped me whenever I needed but she also taught me to help myself. Whenever I look at my mother I see an ordinary person but when I think about what she does and how she does it she becomes divine and the reason of my smile.
     The experience of my life so far has truly brought things into perspective. My mother has taught me that hard time can be overcome and that losing battles  can be won. She had taught me more than I could have learnt from any book.
      She sets an inspirational example to me teaching me how to live life and make wise choices. Even in the most uncertain situations. She also taught me to maintain our self-respect. If no one can understand you leave them. I love you mom you are my biggest strength love you moon n back.

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