To Hell and Back - A must read thriller!

"To Hell and Back is peppered with exciting twists and turns, making it difficult for readers to leave it midway."



Safety and comfort are illusions that owe their existence to whims and fancies of fate. Often, a single strike of tragedy can shatter them to smithereens, sending your life on a dizzy tailspin...

 A mindless road rage incident that has left a young and promising entrepreneur dead is the latest story to have captured the nations imagination. Even as angry voices continue to scream through social media posts and televised debates, the real question remains unanswered:

Is this really an accident, or is it a cold blooded murder, planned to absolute perfection?

To Hell and Back is the story of Namrata, a young corporate executive, who is enveloped by all the quintessential elements of life in the fast lane – a staling marriage, an extramarital affair and a pair of eyes that are alight with fanciful dreams. What happens when an evening of fun and frolic turns into a chilling nightmare for her?

It is the story of Renu, a girl living in a world marred by regressive customs and dated practices. She has resigned to her destiny, and to the patriarchal ways of her world, until they begin to cast their malicious shadows on her yet unborn child.

Their worlds might stand ideologically separated, but they happen to exist in the same physical dimension. And it is where the two worlds, the old and the new, intersect that the journey To Hell and Back begins.

To Hell and Back, is a fast-paced thriller that will not only keep you on tenterhooks till the very end, but it shall also rattle your beliefs on how 'crime-proof the world that you live in truly is.





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