Because taali ek haath se nahi bajti???!!!

What in the actual hell did I just see!!
I came across a video about "rape culture" in Haryana. Needless to say, I have never be this disgusted. I mean, "Taali ek haath se nahi bajti"!!! Really!!

And what breaks your heart is that the video has little girls in their school uniforms agreeing to it. And boys of the same age letting you know about the cause of rape with huge smiles on their face. And the cause you ask? A girl's smile. 

How heartless do you have to be to say the girls are to blame when they get raped? Women plead for the guys. They ask why is the guy only to blame!!
It doesn't surprise why India tops among the nations as the most unsafe for women. With such thinking, where the females are ingrained to think they are beneath the patrichial decisions, how do you dream to have equality!!
The video itself opens with an elderly stating rape if happening with a girl above the age of 14-15, isn't termed "rape". There is always consent. It gives you chills, doesn't it.

Many working to prevent rape, but have we really ever thought to change the toxic  and demeaning mentality? Are we really working to let the girls know they are not to blame? It isn't their fault? To not accept any touch or incidents without their consent? Most of the rapists come from within the known faces. Are we teaching our girls to stand upto them? Or atleast speak to a supportive elder? Or are we ordering them to shut their mouths because- society and obviously, "Log kya kahenge" and "Humari izzat" ??? 

To those who say "taali ek haathse nahi bajti",

There is a difference between khudse taali maarna and kisika haath zabardasti pakad kar taali maarna!! 

Here's the link to the video. Take a look and decide for yourself. 

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