10 Reasons why Salman Khan is the Worst Actor Ever

With all the power and fan following he has, Salman Khan could have done a lot more in his acting career but instead, we see this actor keeps evading his jail sentence and keeps fighting the law with the power of his wealth. There are flaws in every actor but after experimenting and experience every actor grow to the fullest. But this we can't see with Salman Khan. Here are few reasons why Salman Khan is the worst actor ever:

No acting chops

First, let's take acting, which should ideally be the core competency of any actor. The formula in Bollywood severely brings down the quality of cinema and nothing typifies this more than Salman. He is a really bad actor and can't act for nuts. He is the king of the formula film and needs a trophy heroine, a good choreographer and great songs to deliver a superhit.
He looks totally out of his league with method actors like Irrfan Khan or Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Salman haven't matched to these actors either.

Non Experimental